Little League Weightlifting

“Not the team that Weightlifting deserves, but the team that the sport needs.” – Batman

Coach Chris Wilkes with his son Caine Wilkes at the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships

Weightlifting should be fun. Any sport that you put effort into should be fun. Too many teams today forget that principle and focus too much on being a serious team. That’s why our weightlifting team at Crossfit Indian Trail, Little League Weightlifting, focuses on keeping things light. We want you to not only better yourself as an athlete and person, but we want you to haveĀ fun while doing it!

Don’t get us wrong; we take our craft very seriously. Led by Coach Chris Wilkes, a 3-time USA Men’s Team Coach for the World Weightlifting Championships and 2-time winner of USA Weightlifting’s Men’s Coach of the Year award, our team is coached by the best. You will not find a more knowledgeable or successful weightlifting coach in the area. Coach Wilkes has led multiple Youth, Junior, Senior, and Master athletes to the top of the podium at national and international events.

Team Little League Weightlifting at the 2017 RVA Open

Our team may be small, but it is full of heavy hitters. 5-time National Champion and 2014 Pan American Champion Caine Wilkes leads the team, and with multiple National medalists in lifters like Coard Wilkes, Mike Szela, and Emelie Parker, we make quite an impact on the national stage. We have a variety of lifters and coach all levels of experience and all ages.

Interested in having some fun learning a new sport? Or looking to improve your lifts from the best? Contact Coach Wilkes at wilkesweightlifting(at), or contact the gym here!

“Watch my dust.” – Babe Ruth

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