Caine Wilkes

Assistant Coach, Little League Weightlifting, Crossfit L1

Caine has been weightlifting for 20 years, initially to supplement his football training in middle school. Just a short time after, he decided to focus solely on weightlifting. He has been on the medal stand multiple times as a school-age, junior, and senior lifter, and recently claimed the title of National Champion in the +105kg class from 2013 through 2017. Also, Caine is a two-time Pan American Champion (2014, 2017).

Most recently, Caine became the first American to snatch over 400lbs in competition since Casey Burgener in 2008, as well as just the eighth American ever to total 400kg or more in competition.  Also, in 2015, Caine became just the fifth American to clean & jerk over 500 lbs in competition. He ultimately has his eyes set on representing the US at the Olympic Games, and is also determined to break the long held superheavyweight American records held by Shane Hamman.

Caine first received his Crossfit Level 1 Certification in 2012.  Having used Crossfit to heal from a back injury, he is an advocate for Crossfit and its methodologies.  In coaching Crossfit, Caine makes technical aspects and range of motion the priority of his athletes.  Along with Crossfit, Caine helps coach the  weightlifters of the Little League Weightlifting team, located in Crossfit Indian Trail.