“Coach” Chris Wilkes

Head Coach, Little League Weightlifting

Coach Wilkes has been teaching competitive lifting since 1999 and is considered by many as one of the top coaches in USA Weightlifting. He has coached many Youth, Junior, Senior, and Master lifters onto the National and International levels. He is the head coach of Wilkes Weightlifting has served as Men’s Coach for the USAW Men’s Team at the World Weightlifting Championships three times: in Poland in 2013, Kazakhstan in 2014 and Houston, Texas in 2015.  He was a coach for Team Muscledriver for the 2015 National Championships, where Team Muscledriver won best overall team for both the men and women.  Currently, Coach Wilkes is head coach for Little League Weightlifting, lifting out of Crossfit Indian Trail.

Coach Wilkes has been coaching and training athletes in football, track and field, swimming, and tennis for over 16 years, using Olympic Weightlifting as the center of his training. He also coached football at the middle and high school levels. He was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at a local High school for the football and track team. He brings the great combination of being an experienced meet coach as well as demanding technique from his lifters in the training room.

Additionally Coach Wilkes was the owner of Crossfit Chesapeake from 2007 to 2014.  Along with his Crossfit experience, he is also a certified personal trainer through NESTA as well as through the Scirion Institute of Physiology.  He is also currently expanding his coaching knowledge and expertise by participating in the US Olympic Committee’s  National Team Coach Leadership Education Program (NTCLEP).  His broad and extensive experience in coaching makes him a highly sought after coach and trainer in the area, as well as nationally.