Our Values

Every business, whether it be a gym or not, has a group of core values that they hold to and by which they run their business. There are a great many values that both individuals and businesses can have – dedication, patience, and compassion, just to name a few. Regardless, a gym finds a few characteristics and values that stand out and define their philosophy, along with their members and athletes. These are our values that we try to uphold each and every day at CrossFit Indian Trail.


“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
-Vince Lombardi

Chase Perfection, Achieve Excellence

Here at CFIT, we work towards perfection knowing that perfection or being perfect is impossible. But by aiming high, we are able to improve and perform better. While chasing perfection, we can achieve excellence. Perfection gives us a goal that will always keep us striving and working. Goals too often are looked at as something that should be obtainable. That is not always the case. Goals should challenge us. If we achieve every goal we’ve ever set, have we ever truly pushed or challenged ourselves? A goal should be something that constantly challenges us and makes us grow and improve as we journey towards it. That is our goal here at CFIT: we chase perfection and achieve excellence, all to become the best possible version of us each and every day.

Work Hard

The only way to achieve our goals is by working, and more often than not, it’s going to be hard. To be our best, we have to constantly and consistently put in work, and lots of it. You have to give 100% every day, putting forth effort in all you do. That does not mean we will always lift more, or set a new personal record on a workout. There will be bad or off days, but if we come in everyday and give 100% effort we will progress towards our goals. We are all works in progress needing to put in work to progress.

Stay Humble

CrossFit can be intimidating for new prospects and members. At CFIT though, we know we all started somewhere. We all remember how surprising our first workout was or how winded we were. No matter where we may be at in our fitness journey, we strive to remember our humble beginnings. We don’t look down on or judge anyone who walks through our doors, simply because at one time we were that new person. Because we share that similar beginnings, our members and coaches stay humble and encourage others, helping those who come to CFIT to achieve their own goals.

Community & Family

At our gym, we are a close-knit group and family. We all have our differences, coming from different backgrounds and experiences. Yet here at CrossFit Indian Trail, we are brought together through our passion, work, and humility. We chase our goals together, and fight together to achieve them. We celebrate each other’s victories, and we lift each other up in times of need.

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