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Deload Week (No Measure)

Deload Week

Hey guys,

This is our deload week and you’ve earned a little extra rest!

We are providing much less volume as a typical week so we can let our bodies have a break. If you need even more rest on some days of this week then take it!

Should I Deload this week?

If you have been with us for 1+ month and need the deload, then take it!

If you are new and feel good (or had to take time off on other weeks), then carry on! (You can look back at past weeks for more workouts)

IF you feel overtrained or just out of it, that is okay. Many have been there before. If you need to take a full week off and workout very little to even none, then do it. This is literally the best time of the year for you to do so.

BOTTOM LINE: Continue to listen to your body and rest, recover and reenergize as needed during these deload weeks that we provide typically every 4-6 weeks.

We provide 5 “Ways to deload” in the workout notes. In summary if you need the deload, we’d recommend scaling back the volume and intensity in a way that best suits your individual recovery. Only doing 1 session and keeping intensity under 80% for the metcons (and potentially under 8/10 RPE for the lifts) is a great starting point.

That could look like a few things:

Ways to Deload

Completely resting on a day when you’d normally workout (like a Tuesday or Wednesday)

Only performing 1 part of the metcon instead of the multiple parts

Not going above 80% in the metcon

Resting from the Strength and/or accessory

Only do 1 session instead of multiple sessions

A combination of 1-5 above

Indicators I need to Deload and/or rest more for a week

Training is rarely fun anymore. 99%+ of us workout for fun! If working out is always just a chore or “have to” then take some extra time to rest and get outside of the gym. The workouts will still be here when you get back.

Lack of appetite for food compared to typical hunger levels

Trouble sleeping or falling asleep compared to how you usually feel

Constantly tired, fatigued and/or just feeling overtrained

Soreness levels are way beyond what they usually are

Inability to keep intensity levels high (80%+) in most workouts

Usually, we try to grind through and get our workout in because it is a highlight of the day and makes us better! But let’s give our body some extra attention this week and really take note of how we feel, and respond appropriately. Enjoy the week!

Warm Up

Banded PVC overhead opener

squat hold and flossing

standing kang squats

alternating cossack squats

quad stretch

inchworm into push up with calf stretch

leg swings forwards and backwards then side to side

high knees and butt kicks

8-10 scap pull ups

3-5 strict pull ups

10 air squats

The Little Mermaid (Time)

Run 1000m
5 Rounds
5 Strict Pull Ups
15 Air Squats
Run 1000m

*Time Cap 19 minutes

Tall Snatch

2 sets of 5 reps Tall Snatch @ 6/10 RPE

2 sets of 3 reps Tall Snatch @ 7/10 RPE