CrossFit Indian Trail – CrossFit

Warm Up

pvc pass throughs and pvc tricep stretch

spiderman and reach

alternating figure 4’s

quad stretch

bird feeders

banded good mornings

lunge with twist

y’s t’s w’s cuban presses

light kb deadlifts, clean and jerks, walking lunges

clean and jerks and walking lunges at wod weight

Emerald Isle (Time)

Hang Kettlebell Clean and Jerks (2x 1 pood/2x.75 pood)
75ft Double Kettlebell Front Rack Walking Lunge (2x1pood/2x.75 pood) after each set

Time Cap 15 minutes

*coaches look at notes in sugarwod for pointers on coaching these movements

Mayhem Mini Pump Session (No Measure)

3-4 Rounds

10 Barbell Bench Press @ RPE 7

-rest 1 min-

10 Single Arm Standing Tricep Extension w/ band (each side) @ RPE7

-rest 1 min-

10 Double DB Incline Bench Press @ RPE 7

-rest 1 min-

10 Double DB Skull Crushers @ RPE 7

-Rest 2-3 min b/t rounds-