Alex Karakosta

CrossFIt Level 1 Trainer

Alex Karakosta has been coaching and training in Crossfit since 2014. Prior to which he spent time training with powerlifters at the Metal Militia and attending Florida State University. Alex has spent time at several boxes and trained with and under multiple coaches who have competed at the Crossfit games. He has trained skill levels from on ramp to sport specific 1 on 1 training for high school athletes.

Having an exhaustive amount of hobbies ranging from whitewater kayaking to snowboarding. He believes while he isn’t able to do these hobbies daily, the Crossfit methodology allows him to keep up with the shredders who can. While he is no longer focused on competing in the sport of Crossfit Alex believes that no other form of training can better prepare a person for life in general, however; this doesn’t mean he’s going to let you beat him on a WOD. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who’s looking to supplement their training or to improve their abilities, feel free to pick Alex’s brain.

Alex is married to Katie at the gym and can be seen annoying her at the 4:30pm class. They work for their family business right here in Indian Trail and Alex can be seen taking lunch time rides in the area on his onewheel.