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Warm-up (No Measure)

“How much do you care about getting better?”


2:00 Easy on Any Machine


Upper Body

1. Banded Lat Stretch – 1:00/Side

2. Banded Tricep Extension – 1:00/Side

3. Laying Front Rack Stretch – 1:00

Lower Body

1. Active Spiderman – 1:00

2. Active Samson – 1:00

3. Pigeon Pose – 1:00/Side



200m Run

10 Push-Up To Down Dog

200m Row

10 Pausing Glute Bridges (2s Hold At The Top Of Each Rep)



Grit Squats

Grit Squats – Week 1A

3 Supersets:

“X” Back Squats

“X” Front Squats

Rest 2:00 between sets.
Week 4B


– Superset means that we’ll complete our back squats, quickly change out weights (if needed), and then complete our front squats. There is little to no rest between the front squats and back squats but we’ll rest for 2:00 before completing the next super set.

– All percentages based on 5RM Back Squat (both front and back squat barbells).

Set 1

5 Back Squats @ 79%

5 Front Squats @ 72%

Set 2

5 Back Squats @ 84%

5 Front Squats @ 74%

Set 3

5 Back Squats @ 89%

5 Front Squats @ 76%


Snack Bar (Time)

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

10 Power Cleans

500/400 Meter Row

10 Push Jerks

RX – 115/85

RX+ – 155/105

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Choose a barbell weight that allows you to complete the push jerks in no more than 2 sets (bar comes from the floor).

– The run should take between 1:45-2:30 each round.

– Each of the barbell movements should take 1:00 or less.

– The row should take between 1:45-2:30 each round.



1. The first priority today is the barbell. Find a plan that you feel is consistent across the 3 rounds. For the cleans, this may be 10 straight, 5-5, 4-3-3, or singles. For the push jerks, we want to complete all 10 reps unbroken or have 1 break at MOST.

2. Run and row at a pace that supports your strategy on the barbell. The goal is to find the “max sustainable pace” that allows you to go big on the bar. We’d rather sacrifice a little speed here for bigger sets on the barbell.

3. Look to have the “just start” mentality today. Try to get your hands on the barbell and rower handle quickly. Shortening up the transitions from movement to movement adds up over 3 rounds.



– 500/400 Meter Row

– 1000/800 Meter Bike (Any)


– 400 Meter Run

– 1000/800 Meter Bike


– Double Dumbbell