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Warm-up (No Measure)

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

There’s something intoxicating about planning for the future. It’s the dream-world.

Yet when it comes time to cross the bridge from planning to execution, many lose their way. And nothing materializes.

View preparation as two parts, equally theoretical and tangible action.

Without the thought behind, it’s wasted energy in multiple directions.

And without action to follow thought, it’s nothing but a pipe dream.

There will be the voice that tells us, “there’s time to do this tomorrow”. But that brings us back to the quote we started with above. Are we going to react to tomorrow, or are we going to respond to today?


Up Dog

Down Dog

Child’s Pose


Overhead Circles: 20 reps each direction

Front Plank: 1 minute

Handstand Weight Shifts: 2 x 20 seconds


Power Snatch

On the Minute x 3:

5 Touch and Go Power Snatches

Rest 1 Minute

On the Minute x 3:

3 Touch and Go Power Snatches

Rest 1 Minute

On the Minute x 3:

1 Power Snatch



Cycling power snatches is a big focus of today’s day of training

Before completing light snatches in the conditioning piece that follows, we’ll cycle some heavier loads here

The sets of 5 and 3 are designed to be complete unbroken as “”touch-and-go”” reps

Look to build in weight over each of the 9 sets

The piece flows like this

(On the 1:00): 5 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 2:00): 5 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 3:00): 5 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 4:00): Rest

(On the 5:00): 3 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 6:00): 3 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 7:00): 3 Touch and Go Power Snatches

(On the 8:00): Rest

(On the 9:00): 1 Power Snatch

(On the 10:00): 1 Power Snatch

(On the 11:00): 1 Power Snatch

Record your heaviest single rep as your final score for the day

You can record the weight for your other 8 sets in the notes section


Hot Flash (Time)


Power Snatches (95/65)(75/55)

Kipping Handstand Push-ups

12 Minute Time Cap


We’ll work through large ranges of motion in this simple couplet of weightlifting and gymnastics

This 3 rounder will primarily test conditioning, upper body stamina, and your ability to use your hips effectively

Choose weights and variations that ideally allow you to complete this under the 12 minute time cap


Choose a light weight today that you are able to cycle for 21+ reps unbroken when fresh

Within the workout, smaller sets are preferred over quick singles


If you have 21+ kipping handstand push-ups unbroken when fresh, let’s complete this station as written

If you’re not there yet, we can reduce the reps or choose a variation listed in “subs”

Common volume modifications from the prescribed 60 reps will be:

21-15-9 (45 Total Reps)

15-10-5 (30 Total Reps)



This workout will likely come down to finding sustainable sets of handstand push-ups

Locking out power snatches overhead combined with kipping handstand push-ups will challenge upper body pressing stamina

It may be best to be fairly conservative through the opening round of 30

There are 30 reps in the final 2 rounds of the workout as well (20-10)

In an perfect world, the first 30 reps and the final 30 reps take about the same time to complete

We’d rather break these up early and hold those sets across the board than start big and break a ton later on

Being aggressive with the hips in the kip will also help to take quite a bit of strain off the upper body


While we’re capable of completing large sets, this could be a good time to give the arms a break

Smaller sets or even quick singles can give you more time to recover while continuing to move forward