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Warm-up (No Measure)


2:00 on any machine

1:00 Samson Stretch

1:00 Barbell Forearm Smash

1:00 Banded Triceps Stretch

2-3 Rounds for Quality:

5 “YTW” on Rings or w/ Crossover Symmetry

10 Hanging Straight Leg Lifts

5 Inch Worm w/ Pushups

10 Alternating Cossack Squats

200m Row



On the Minute for Max Load:

1 Barbell Thruster

Females start at 95 or 65 and add 5# each minute

Males start at 135 or 95 and add 10# each minute

The workout will continue until we cannot make the lift within the minute provided.

Score is the heaviest load

Barbell comes from the FLOOR!


Always Remembered (Time)

Teams of 2:

Buy-In: 2001 Meter Row

4 Rounds:

9 Rope Climbs or 45 Pullups

11 Bear Complexes

Cash-Out: 2977 Meter Row

RX – 45 Pullups and 115/85

RX+ – Rope Climbs and 135/95
“Always Remembered” is an annual partner workout we do on CompTrain to honor the victims of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on New York City

The 2001 meter row represents the year

The 4 rounds represents the four planes

The 9 Rope Climbs represents the month

The 11 Bear Complexes represent the day

The 2977 meter row represents the lives lost

Goal is 20-30 minutes

Individual version:

2001 Meter Row buy-in


4 Rounds:

9 Clusters (135/95)

11 Strict Pull-ups