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Warm-up (No Measure)

Building Resilience


BFF (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


100 Double Unders

50 Wallballs (20/14)

40 Calorie Row

30 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)

20 Toes to Bar

10 Bar Muscle-ups/Chest to Bar

RX+ – Bar MU

RX – Chest to Bar

This big, long chipper workout includes a little bit of everything

In order to get the most out of this 20-minute workout, choose weights and variations for every movement that you are capable of completing each in 2 sets when fresh

The goal is today is to finish the first round and then see how far we can get into the second round

Complete all reps at one station before moving onto the next


In a chipper workout, the name says it all

Let’s “chip away” at these movements in manageable chunks

It’s not about going big sets necessarily, rather finding a pace that enables you to move for as much of the 20 minutes as possible

Below are some options on how to break-up each movement

Double Unders

2 Sets: 50-50

3 Sets: 40-30-30

4 Sets: 25-25-25-25


2 Sets: 25-25 or 30-20

3 Sets: 25-15-10

4 Sets: 20-10-10-10


Find a moderate pace that allows you to thrive on the dumbbell

Dumbbell Snatches

1 Set: Steady Singles

2 Sets: 15-15 or 20-10

3 Sets: 10-10-10 or 12-10-8

Toes to Bar

2 Sets: 10-10

3 Sets: 8-7-5

4 Sets: 5-5-5-5

5 Sets: 4-4-4-4-4

Bar Muscle-ups

2 Sets: 5-5

3 Sets: 4-3-3

4 Sets: 4-3-2-1


Double Unders

Reduce Reps

2 Minutes of Practice

200 Single Unders

Toes to Bar

Reduce Reps

Toes as High as Possible

Knees to Elbow / Chest / Waist

Extra Credit

Metcon (Time)

Capacity Builder:

On the Minute x 10:

8 Barbell-Facing Burpees

The barbell-facing burpee is the focus of today’s capacity builder

With this being a very common Open movement, we’ll work through these reps to build capacity and confidence

Complete 8 reps on the minute for 10 minutes (80 reps total)

Rest whatever time remains until the next minute begins

The goal is to move quickly, but to stay within 3-5 sets on each effort

Record how long it takes for each round, with the final score being the slowest of the 10 rounds

The standards include completely facing the bar during the burpee and a two foot take-off and landing in the jump