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Warm-up (No Measure)


Puppy Pose: 1 Minute Hold

Barbell Forarm Smash: 1 Minute Each Side

Ankle Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side


EMOM 12:

Minute 1: 15/12 Calorie Row

Minute 2: 10 Cossack Squats (Alternating)

Minute 3: 20 Step Back Lunges

Minute 4: 10 Active Divebombers


Metcon (Time)

Gymnastic Skill

For Time (15 Minute Time Cap):

50′ Handstand Walk, 10 Ring Muscle-ups

50′ Handstand Walk, 8 Ring Muscle-ups

50′ Handstand Walk, 6 Ring Muscle-ups

50′ Handstand Walk, 4 Ring Muscle-ups

50′ Handstand Walk, 2 Ring Muscle-ups


Working two high skilled gymnastics movements in this couplet workout to start the day

Pairing the handstand walk with the ring muscle-up will train our upper body stamina and overall coordination

Looking for this piece to take around 10-15 minutes to complete

Adjust movement distance, reps, or variations to meet this time frame


Choose a distance that allows you to clear this station in 1:30 or less

See further down the page for “subs”


To complete this station with the prescribed reps, we recommend you are able to hold at least 4 reps on the minute within this workout

Holding 4 reps on the minute and gets the 30 reps done in 7.5 minutes

Combined with the 1:30 recommendation on the handstand walk distance, this puts you right at the 15 minute time cap

If you’re not quite there, adjust the volume or movement as needed

See further down the page for “subs”



Reduce Distance

1 Minute of Practice

30 Seconds of Weight Shifting

30 Seconds of Box Shoulder Taps


Reduce Reps

Option 1: 5-4-3-2-1 (15 Reps Total)

Option 2: 4-5 Reps Per Round (20-25 Reps Total)

Jumping Ring Muscle-ups

Banded Strict Ring Muscle-up Drill (20 Reps Each Round)


Gone In 60 Seconds (Time)

3 Rounds:

40 Single Dumbbell Step-Back Lunges(50’s/35’s)

30 Single Dumbbell Alternating Power Snatches(50’s/35’s)

20 Burpees

On the Minute: 20 Double Unders


Double unders at the top of every minute will interrupt your progress on this three round workout

Starting on the 0:00 and every minute thereafter, you’ll complete 20 double unders

With whatever time remains in the minute, complete as many reps of the single dumbbell movements or burpees as you can

After each set of double unders, pick up wherever you left off in the round

Your score is the total time it takes you to complete the 3 rounds

We expect this workout to take between 18-25 minutes to complete


This number is meant to be relatively small

This station ideally takes 20 seconds or less to complete, giving you 40 seconds to work through the scored movements

Adjust the rep number as needed or choose from another variation listed in the “subs” section


We’ll use a single dumbbell for both dumbbell movements today

Choose your weight based off the more challenging of the two – the dumbbell snatch

This should be a load that you can cycle for 20+ reps unbroken when fresh

On each movement, you’ll alternate sides every rep:

Lunges: 20 Reps Per Leg

Snatches: 15 Reps Per Arm

The back knee should touch the ground in the lunges and both bells should touch the ground in the snatches

Ensure you are fully locked out up top on each movement before switching sides

You can hold the dumbbell wherever is most comfortable for you on the step back lunges


The burpees to finish out each round are standard burpees

The chest and thighs touch the floor in the bottom

You can jump up or step up

Finish at full extension with a small clap overhead and some air under the feet



There are a couple ways to approach this workout

The first is to maintain a steady speed throughout the workout

In this option, it’s simply about finding a speed that you won’t slow down from at all during the workout

Switching hands on the floor in the dumbbell snatch can help with this

Extra Credit

Metcon (No Measure)

Lunge Conditioning

5 Sets:

15/12 Calorie Row

50′ Dumbbell Walking Lunge (50’s/35’s)

15/12 Calorie Row

Rest 1 Minute Between Sets


Finish out the day with a 5 set leg burner

We’ll build upon the single dumbbell step back lunges from the conditioning piece with double dumbbell walking lunges here

With 1 minute of rest between each round, look to move with a purpose

Since the rest is short, find a speed that you can sustain for the 5 rounds

Your score is the slowest of the 5 rounds

We expect each round to take under 3 minutes to complete


Hold 2 dumbbell by your side in a “farmers carry” position

This should be a moderate weight that allows you to complete the 50 feet without stopping

Make sure the back knee hits the ground and the hips reach full extension between steps

You can go 25′ out and 25′ feet back so you end up lunging right back to the rower