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Warm-up (No Measure)

On the 2:00 x 6 (2 Full Rounds, 12:00 Total):

Minutes 1+2 – 1:40s Light Bike

Minutes 3+4 – 5 Strict Pull-Ups/Ring Rows, 10 Pushups, 15 Sit-Ups + 30 Double-Unders

Minutes 5+6 – Half of the Barbell WU (below)

Round 1 – 5 Good Mornings, 5 Elbow Rotations, 5 Strict Presses

Round 2 – 5 Deadlifts, 5 Hang Muscle Cleans, 5 Power Cleans

1 Round:

:60s Laying Front Rack Stretch

:30s Wrist Stretches on Box


Strict Handstand Pushup (10 sets @ 30% Max)

Enter your time in notes.

Each set must be unbroken, and athletes are to rest as needed between. With the piece being “for time”, we are looking to challenge ourselves by getting back onto the wall sooner than we want to. As an example, if an athlete has 10 unbroken strict handstand pushups, he or she would be completing 10 x 3 for time.

Last week, during the max effort test, we had the below two options if we did not yet have (3) unbroken strict handstand pushups.

Dumbbell Strict Presses

Barbell Half Presses

After choosing our movement, complete a full max effort set if we have not. If we are testing today, complete 7 sets of the 30%. If we tested last week, let’s take 30% of that and complete the full 10 today.


Bad Blood (5 Rounds for reps)

5 Rounds:

1:00 – Max Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)

1:00 – Power Cleans (135/95)

1:00 – Assault Bike Calories

1:00 – Rest

RX+ (155/105)
Enter all five rounds of totals (if we complete 10 burpees, 12 power cleans, and 12 calories on the bike, that would be 34). That way we can see our pacing throughout the five rounds. The system will compute the sum total for our score for the day.

Stimulus wise, we are looking to be in the range of 8-15+ reps each round. This won’t be a very high scoring workout, in comparison to workouts with lighter loads. We want to move closer to the grind today, where we need to work hard for each repetition.

On the burpee box jumps, we are allowed to step-up the burpee, but we are looking for a two-foot jump onto the box. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Be methodical here as it’s the start of our round. Stop our movement at the :55 to use our next full minute on the cleans.

On the power cleans, we are looking for a load we could cycle for 15+ repetitions unbroken. Here, fast singles is a great strategy for many, unless we are very strong on the barbell. With the goal across the five rounds being consistency, let’s use the clock to pace our efforts.

On the final bike, the sliding scale of accumulation applies here. Towards the end of each minute, aim to bring it to a hard charging finish. Let’s start at “65 miles per hour” and try to increase a bit more every :15s, finishing with a hard charge to the finish in the final interval.

Extra Credit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Focusing on finding paces today, building awareness of speeds. We’ll be moving through 4 rounds of varying speeds, for a total consecutive row of 2,400 meters.

2,400 Meter Row

Meters 0-200 – 2K Pace + 15 Seconds

Meters 201-400 – 2K Pace + 10 Seconds

Meters 401-600 – 2K Pace + 5 Seconds

Not for score, and rather for recovery and pacing practice.

Let’s take an athlete who has a current/estimated 2K row time as 7:00 flat. Their average /500m pace for that effort would be 1:45. So for today’s workout, they would complete:

Meters 0-200 – 2:00 / 500m pace

Meters 201-400 – 1:55 / 500m pace

Meters 401-600 – 1:50 / 500m pace

After completing the last 200 meter portion above, we roll directly back to the first pace. Repeating this for a total of (4) iterations, we have our 2,400 meter row.

Stimulus Notes

Warm-up (No Measure)

Week #2 of Grunt Work.

Full cycle details posted in “Workout Prep Notes”.

As mentioned last week, Tuesday’s will commonly start with a skill-based focus. Using our max-effort strict handstand pushup test last week as a baseline, we’ll train percentages today across 10 submaximal sets.

Conditioning comes next, in the form of 5 x 3:00 on / 1:00 off intervals.

Row recovery to finish our Tuesday.