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Warm-up (No Measure)

3:00 Tempo Bike

1st minute slow, 2nd minute moderate, 3rd minute moderate/fast.

2 Rounds:

3 Spidermans each side

12 Hollow Rocks

3 Walkouts

12 Superman Rocks

1-2 Rounds:

7 Pushups

5 Elbow Rotations (empty barbell)

3 Pausing Strict Presses (2s pause overhead)


Strict Handstand Pushup

12 Sets for Time:

30% of Max Strict HSPU

Last week, we completed 10 sets at 30%. Using the same number, we are increasing to 12 sets.

Inside this piece, we are aiming to rest as little as possible between the sets, all the while maintaining unbroken sets.

If for example, we have 20 unbroken strict handstand pushups, our workout is 10 rounds of 6 unbroken strict handstand pushups for time.

On the other side, if we have 5 or less reps, we can actually modify up. If we are completing for example 10 sets of 2 reps, we can modify to 3. Let’s choose the appropriate option here so that we are challenging ourselves. If we are not completing strict reps today (to the floor), we have two options:

Elevated Platform Strict HSPU

Strict Presses with Dumbbells

If we move towards the elevated platform, we want to be wary of what the platform can train – that specific range of motion. If it is to build comfort and confidence in the HSPU, that’s a good thing. But to build capacity, we want to recognize, that the full range of motion trumps in almost all situations.


Bel Air (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


40 Double-Unders

20 Dumbbell Hang CJ (50/35)

40 Double-Unders

20/15 Calorie Row
Inside “Bel Air”, we have a workout focused on engine management.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a dumbbell that we are very confident we could complete 30+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. Inside this effort, let’s change arms every 5 repetitions.

In the three movements of the workout, everything is “manageable”. Athletes will be able to move through these sets in large, potentially even unbroken sets throughout. Inside of that, the separation now occurs in the speed of our movement, most notably on the transitions between stations and/or breaks, along with our rowing speed.

This is an excellent workout to track our round times on. Although challenging to always record during the workout, even rough points of capture after each row can be of large benefit to review post-workout. Another option is to keep in mind where we are at the 7:30 mark (halfway point), to compare the first and second half.

We are notorious for making our first round our fastest. More times than not, it should be. But, what it should not be, is by a lot. This is the pitfall many athletes find themselves in, where minutes 9-14 is a slow grind that puts us behind our pace. If we begin with the end in mind, and place our best effort in those minutes (9-14), chances are that we’ll start at an appropriate pace.

Extra Credit

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Sets:

30 Banded Pull Aparts

30 Banded Push Downs

Not for time, but moving through these repetitions with a purpose. Let’s aim to keep these dynamic and quick, pulling blood to the muscle groups. Good to let it burn here.

Tension wise, we want a lighter band that we believe will challenge us while allowing us to move unbroken through at least 2 rounds.