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Warm-up (No Measure)

banded hamstring stretch from rig

banded lat stretch and front rack stretch

5 kang squats

calf stretch

2 sets

5 db push ups + 5 double db deadlifts + 5 double db squat cleans + 5 double db push press

* barbell warm up as a class (coach led)

– 5 clean pulls

– 10 alternating elbow rotations

– 5 muscle cleans

– 5 hang power cleans

– 5 presses

– 5 power/split jerks


Hang Clean & Jerk (1×1)

Time: 12:00-22:00

2 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 70%

2 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 70%

1 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 80%

1 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 80%

1 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 80%

1 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 85%


RPE means Rate of Perceived Exertion. We use this instead of giving exact percentages sometimes to help you get more out of the lifting. On a “perfect day” your percentages for the lifting would match up exactly with your RPE (example: 3×3 Snatches @70% 1RM would feel like 3×3 Snatches @7/10 RPE).

Some days how you feel and your RPE may mean you decrease (or increase) your weights so that it matches up with RPE, instead of feeling like you have to do the percentages exactly (examples 3×3 Snatches @7/10 RPE is harder today. So instead of using 70% 1RM (which would feel like 8/10 RPE, you use 60-65% of your 1RM that day).

The reality is some days you feel great! And others you don’t. Either way, that is okay! The RPE scale allows us to be flexible in our training while still getting stronger!

The upside (especially on Saturdays) is you may feel great and get to hit weights beyond your equivalent percentages (example: on a heavy single day @10/10 RPE, you hit a new max because your new full effort is 105% of your 1RM


Bucky the Badger (Time)

Minute 30:00-42:00

7 rounds

7 Power Snatches (115/80)(95/65)

49 Double Unders (98 Singles)
Athletes Notes


Target Time: 8-10 minutes

Time Cap: 12 minutes


How to Pace: STEADY! We want consistent round times and smooth movement throughout this entire workout!

How it should Feel: GRIPPY & GASSY! This one is going to light up your forearms and heart rate! Be ready for the burn!!


Power Snatch: Choose a weight that is ideally under 60% of your one rep max snatch. Plan on performing touch and go reps with lighter weight to start if you can handle it. Move to fast singles back and forth as the grip gets taxed.. Load the hips with each rep and heavily utilize leg drive so that you can continue to work efficiently across the entirety of the workout.

Double Unders: Aim for steady and unbroken sets, if you can. Work to be smooth here with controlled breathing and not blowing up your shoulders. Wrist action is key!