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Warm-up (No Measure)

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” – Mother Theresa

2:00 easy on any machine

1:30 banded triceps stretch each side

1:00 foam roll hamstring each side

1:00 lacrosse ball pec smash each side

2:00 frog stretch

2-3 rounds for quality:

5 inchworms w/ pushup

10 alternating cossack squats

60′ single DB overhead carry

250m row


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Ascending Ladder for 7:00


Dead stop Strict HSPU (1s)

Dead stop Ring Pushups (1s)
Pause for 1 second on each movement.

The dead stop removes the stretch shortening cycle causing us to generate all the pressing strength required.

If you cannot complete a set of 10 dead stop reps when fresh, consider removing the dead stop.

Score is total reps completed:

1’s – 2

2’s – 6

3’s – 12

4’s – 20

5’s – 30

6’s – 42

7’s – 56

8’s – 74



-remove dead stop

-use abmats to elevate floor

-dual DB strict press

Ring Pushups

-remove dead stop

-standard pushups

-dual DB bench press


Speed Demon (4 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP 3’s, resting 3:00 between

200m run, 15 bar facing burpees, max OHS (75/55)(65/45)

200m run, 12 bar facing burpees, max OHS (95/65)(75/55)

200m run, 9 bar facing burpees, max OHS (115/85)(95/65)

200m run, 6 bar facing burpees, max OHS (135/95)(115/85)
Fast paced intervals end with max sets of overhead squats at increasing weights.

After completing the buy in run and burpees, you will do as many OHS as possible in remaining time.

Rest 3:00 between rounds

Score is the total number of reps completed per round – wodify will ask for 4 scores and they will add together.

Adjust the run and burpees so you have about 1:00 on the barbell.



-250m row

-12/9 calorie bike

Bar facing burpees

-equal reps regular burpees


-front squats

-single arm DB OHS

-single DB goblet squat


-medicine ball squat cleans

-air squats