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Warm-up (No Measure)

Simon Says


Split Jerk

On the Minute x 10:

1 Split Jerk

Sets 1-3: 70-73-76% of 1RM Split Jerk

Sets 4-10: Build to Heavy Single


Putting all the technique work together as we build to a heavy single for the day

The first 3 reps are at percentages of your 1RM Split Jerk (70-73-76%)

Spend the last 7 sets increasing weight to a heavy single

Rounds begin at the top of every minute


Adderall (3 Rounds for reps)

Part #1 – In a 10:00 Window:

Run 1 Mile (1600 Meters)

Time Remaining, Max Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)

— Rest 3:00 —

Part #2 – In a 7:00 Window:

Run 800 Meters

Time Remaining, Max Power Snatches (115/80)

— Rest 3:00 —

Part #3 – In a 4:00 Window:

Run 400 Meters

Time Remaining, Max Thrusters (95/65)

“Adderall” is a CompTrain Benchmark workout and a repeat from 6.1.19

As the time windows decrease, so do the run distances and weights on the barbell

Choose weights for the Olympic lifts that you could complete 12+ reps unbroken when fresh and singles within the workout

Choose a thruster weight that you could complete 21+ reps when fresh and sets of 7-10 within the workout

1 Mile Run

If best mile is above 8:30, reduce to 1200 meters

We want at least 1:30 on the barbell

800 Meter Run

Looking to have 3-4 minutes to work on the barbell

This run should take around 3:30-4 minutes (adjust distances as needed)

400 Meter Run

Looking to have around 2 minutes for thrusters

This run should take around 2 minutes (adjust distances as needed)

Enter total reps for each barbell movement and SugarWOD will add them up for your final score


1st Round

The mile run eats up the majority of this 10 minute window

Push hard to have enough time on the barbell

Once you’re in the door, work through quick singles until the finish

2nd Round

The run eats up about half the time of this 7 minute window

Find a similar pace to what you held on the mile run

Once you’re in the door, once again work through quick singles until the finish

3rd Round

The run eats up the least time in this final window

Run a little slower to allow yourself to work through big sets on the thrusters

Think 3-4 bigger sets on the barbell to finish things out


1 Mile Run Subs

2000/1600 Meter Row

115/80 Calorie Echo Bike

800 Meter Run Subs

1000/800 Meter Row

60/42 Calorie Echo Bike

400 Meter Run Subs

500/400 Meter Row

30/21 Calorie Echo Bike