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Warm-up (No Measure)

1:00 light row

5 spiderman and reach

10 russian baby makers

10 pvc pass throughs + 5 rotations/side

overhead opener

15 banded good mornings

5 push ups with downward dog

barbell warm up together


Smash Mouth (Time)

3 Rounds:

800/400 Meter Run

21m/15f Calorie Assault Bike

5/3 Rounds of “Bergeron Beep Test”

1 Round of “Bergeron Beep Test”:

7 Thrusters (75/55)

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpees

RX – 400m Run, 3 Rounds of Beep Test/round

RX+ – 800m Run, 5 Rounds of Beep Test/round


Today’s metcon includes some “cardio” work and rounds of a CompTrain Benchmark workout, the “Bergeron Beep Test”

Looking for “Smash Mouth” to take around 25-35 minutes to complete


1 round of the “BBT” is 7 Thrusters, 7 Pull-ups, and 7 Burpees

You’ll complete all 5 rounds of the “BBT” (35 of each) before moving back to the 800 meter run

A round of “BBT” should take around a minute to complete

The thruster weight should be super light, something that can be completed unbroken each time

Choose a pull-up variation you can complete in 1-2 quick sets

The burpees are standard burpees, requiring chest to floor, hands overhead, and air under the feet



Let’s spread the effort across these two movements

Hold a pace from round one that you could see yourself maintaining or improving upon in rounds 2-5

We’re not going to stop on these movements, but let’s hold a pace that allows you to ideally not stop on the rounds of the “BBT” that follow


Aim for unbroken sets on the thrusters and pull-ups if possible, as these are the only places you’d stop moving

The reps are small enough where going unbroken is a realistic option on every round

If you find yourself needing to break one movement, make it the pull-ups

The way we can maintain big or unbroken sets is to use the burpees as a pacer

Slowing down the third movement can help you go big on the first two



If unable to Assault Bike:

Echo Bike or Bike Erg: 21/15 Calorie

Schwinn Bike: 30/21 Calories

Rower: 21/15 Calories


If unable to run, complete one of the following:

1k Row

Increase Bike Distance

Assault, Echo, Bike Erg: Increase to 75/55 Calories

Schwinn Bike: Increase to 100/70 Calories

Extra Credit

Metcon (No Measure)

Alternating On the 1:30 x 4 Rounds (12 Minutes):

Interval #1:

1 High Hang Power Snatch

1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Low-Hang Power Snatch

1 Power Snatch

Interval #2:

1 High Hang Power Clean

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Low-Hang Power Clean

1 Power Clean

Start With 50% on Each Lift (Separate Loadings), And Build to a Heavy on Both for the Day.

We’ll alternate between two different intervals, one snatch focused and the other clean focused

The 4 reps at each interval are designed to be completed with out dropping the weight, taking the hands off, or pausing on the floor

Start with 50% on the first sets and build to a heavy complex on both

The same weight does not need to be used across both lifts

If you prefer, use two separate barbells

Intervals Begin on the Following Times:

Interval 1: 0:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00

Interval 2: 1:30 / 4:30 / 7:30 / 10:30

Each Position:

High Hang: Pockets

Hang: Just Above Knee

Low-Hang: Just Below Knee

Final Lift: Floor