CrossFit Indian Trail – CrossFit

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Running Warm-Up #3 (No Measure)

Coach Led

3 Rounds

30sec ON/30sec OFF


Then, 1 Time Through

30m High Knee Karaoke

15m Over The Hurdle

15m Knee To Chest

15m Figure Four

15m Toy Soldiers

30m Jog Forward/Backwards x2

30m High Knees/Butt Kicks x2

Then, 2 Rounds

12 PVC Rotations

5 Inchworms w/ Push-Ups x2


Flight Simulator (Time)


Unbroken Sets of Double-Unders
15min CAP


DB Bench Press (10-10-10 (1-1-2))

-For 1-1-2’s you will have a DB in each hand. With arms locked out, you will proceed to press with your right arm, then left arm, and then finish the rep by pressing with both arms.

-Building up in weight throughout the 3 sets.

DB Bent Over Rows (12-12-12)

Building up in weight throughout the 3 sets.