CrossFit Indian Trail – CrossFit Teens

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Handstand work:: Record in the notes your scaling info.

Handstand Push-ups (Work to max set)


Donkey Kicks,

Handstand Hold

Box Handstand PU

Seated Dumbell Press

Metcon (Time)

30, 20, 10

Jump rope

Wall Balls

Power Cleans

With 3 burpees every 2 minutes starting at 0:00
Today is a triplet chipper with a penatly. You wll preform 30 reps of each then 20 then 10. However every 2nd minute on the minute (0:00, 2:00. 4:00, 6:00 etc) you will stop what your doing and preform 3 burpees. Then pick up where you left off. The faster you go the less burpees you have to preform.


“Crackabout” Dodgeball

This is an “every person for themselves” type of game. There must be specific boundaries. Players can run anywhere they want iwithin the boundaries. Play starts with the coach throwing the ball in the air. The player that gets it can throw it at someone or take up to three steps, no more, before they throw it. The player that retrieves it must do the same, take up to three steps (or hops) before throwing it. Meanwhile, the other players can run around and dodge the ball. If a player is hit they must sit down where they are (essentially they are frozen). If the player that got them out gets hit they are back in the game (unfrozen). Also, players can catch the ball to save themselves and get the thrower to sit down.