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Warm-up (No Measure)

“Alright. They’re to the front of us, to the left and right, and behind us. We’re surrounded…. They can’t escape us now.” – General Chesty Puller, United States Marine Corps

2:00 light row

10 pvc pass throughs +5 rotations

1:00 overhead opener

5 inchworms w/push up, downward dog, calf stretch

8 russian baby makers

2 rounds of :

8 lateral step downs/side

8-10 kip swings

8 DB presses/side

3 strict pull ups + 3 kipping pull ups

10m duck walk


Push Press (10 Rep Max)


Re-testing our 10RM Push Press from 12.3.19

Take the bar out of the rack for these reps

It may be helpful to follow the following sets when building:

4-6 Sets: 5-6 Reps

2-3 Attempts: 10RM

Completing several sets of 4-6 reps allows you to gradually build in weight without burning out for your 10RM attempts

We can aim for 2-3 attempts as 10 reps as the weight starts to get heavier

Rest as needed between sets to maintain quality


Opening Day (Time)


Wallballs (20/14)

CTB Pull-Ups

Thrusters (95/65)

Box Jumps (24/20)

Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

With 225 reps total, “Opening Day” is a higher volume and higher interference conditioning piece

You’ll work through 21 reps at all 5 movements before moving on to the round of 15…

Choose weights for the kettlebell swings and thrusters that you could complete at least 25+ reps unbroken when fresh

Choose a pull-up variation that you could complete 21+ reps unbroken when fresh

Stand to full extension at the top of each box jump repetition


Rather than thinking of this workout as a 21-15-9, let’s approach it as with the full round numbers in mind

Each complete round would make this a 105-75-45 rep scheme

Having an idea of how many reps lie in each round can help us approach the workout with the end in mind, allowing for better pacing and more effective break-up strategies

There is one movement we’ll just keep moving on, the box jumps, but all the other movements will likely require some kind of break-up plan

The most difficult round today won’t be the opening round of 105, rather the middle round of 75

Approach the round of 105 in a way that helps you shine through the middle round of 75, as doing so will likely lead to your best possible scoring outcome

See below for potential break-up options for each round:

Round of 21

1 Set: 21

2 Sets: 12-9

3 Sets: 7-7-7

4 Sets: 6-5-5-5

5 Sets: 5-4-4-4-4

Round of 15

1 Set: 15

2 Sets: 8-7

3 Sets: 5-5-5

4 Sets: 4-4-4-3

5 Sets: 3-3-3-3-3

Round of 9

1 Set: 9

2 Sets: 5-4

3 Sets: 3-3-3

4 Sets: 3-2-2-2


CTB Pull-ups

Let’s keep the reps the same today to preserve the simplicity of the rep scheme

Adjust variation as needed to one of the following:

Banded Pull-ups

Jumping Pull-ups

Ring Rows

Extra Credit

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Giant Sets:

50′ Dumbbell Bear Crawl (50’s/35’s)

50′ Reverse Dumbbell Bear Crawl (50’s/35’s)

Rest 1:30 Between Sets

Working some pure grunt work with Dumbbell Bear Crawls in today’s Body Armor piece

You have the option to increase weight as you go or stay at the same challenging load across

The loading should be fairly heavy, something where you have to move in small chunks rather than being able to sprint through

Try to keep moving as much as possible during the 100 total feet, as there is 90 seconds of rest between sets

Demo –